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A Case Study in Electrical Failure due to Corrosion Topic: Our Mission Statement

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Bus Plugs

Bus Plugs

Safety Disconnect Switch

Safety Disconnect Switch

This is the first in a series of blogs that outlines a detailed analysis of the corrosion problems found in a piece of equipment needing refurbishing.

At MIDWEST, a portion of our business is refurbishing electrical switchgear.  Refurbishing old equipment includes electrical, mechanical and cosmetic reconditioning of used switchgear.  For example, this includes reconditioning.

Most importantly, our shop wizards fully dissemble the functional electrical and mechanical innards and recondition and / or replace them as necessary, in order to bring the equipment back to full functionality, just as it was brand new from the factory.  This often includes plating electrical parts with a thick coat of pure silver.

And of course, each and every item is tested to our stringent standards before it is shipped out to a customer.

As far as just the cosmetics of the metal enclosure goes, for years I have watched our shop perform miracles.  They can take an old, corroded enclosure, sand it down to bare metal, prime it, and respray it in one of our paint booths, and have it come out looking just as good as if it were new. Their technical knowhow never ceases to amaze me.

Fusible Panelboard Switch

Fusible Panelboard Switch



Worst of the 10 Worst Electric Poles

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Worst of the Worst 10 Electric Poles

The Worst Hollowed Out Electric Pole in 40 Years

When this electric pole (see image) was cut down, it exploded into a hundred pieces when it hit the ground. This was for a private overhead service along a roadway to remote buildings and was replaced with an underground service. It was obvious the pole was very old, but one would never guess it was so hollow, unless you tapped it with a hammer. And that could have been a mistake if the lines were still energized. The overhead lines may have been holding the pole up. This was the worst of the worst electric poles we have seen in 40 years. And no there were no 4 legged critters living in the pole. Just bugs, now homeless.


What is the lifespan of batteries for Arc Flash Hoods with cooling fans?

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The Arc Flash Department at MIDWEST is asked all the time about the life span of the batteries for the Arc Flash Hoods with cooling fans.  The cooling fans are powered by eight (8) AA batteries.  The batteries have a lifespan of 6 to 8 hours of continuous use.  Click on the link and you will find a list of all the Arc Flash Hoods that MIDWEST carries.


AG65H-A - Arc Flash 65 Cal Hood with Cooling System

Hazard Risk Category 4 – ARC RATING 65 cal/cm² Style Hood with Cooling System