MIDWEST’s Switchgear Technical Center is always busy, but sometimes it can be extremely busy, loud and a little wild with the cross talk between the technical work stations. To an outsider, the noise, excitement, fast technical jargon and obvious intensity might make them wonder how anyone could function in such an environment. It would certainly drive the meek crazy. But the Engineers and Techies love the action. It can vary from the urgent to the absurd. Here’s an example of two separate but simultaneous energized conversations between MIDWEST’s Switchgear Technical Center and two customers. Each of the two conversations sounded almost exactly the same. Both conversations were about reconditioned or new oil filled electrical power transformers. 50 Kva oil filled 480 to 240 volt transformers and a 50 Mva oil filled 13,200 volts to 138 Kv GST transformer. One small oil filled transformer and one massive oil filled power transformer. Both conversations had a sense of urgency, one days and the other months. Both had a steady stream of technical details, a time table, preparation, freight, trucking, tests, some frustrations, as MIDWEST ground through each detail, double checking and confirming them one by one. A listener might think they were selling the same thing. They sound alike. 50 Mva and 50 Kva. Actually they were, oil filled electrical power transformers. But one was electrically a thousand times larger than the other. 50,000 Kva and 50 Kva. Just another day in the technical world.