General Electric AC364RG Bus Plug - Inside View

General Electric AC364RG Bus Plug – Inside View

MIDWEST’s Switchgear Engineers and Technicians receive calls for technical help with bus plugs every day, day after day. It’s a big part of the service MIDWEST provides to those purchasing electrical switchgear. Sometimes the questions are more about electrical power than equipment. Most of the questions deal with details about the equipment and problems associated with installation. But sometimes we get simple blunt non technical requests that surprise us and we have to think for a moment to realize why it’s important to the person requesting the information. An example is a purchasing agent that wanted the availability, cost, and pictures of a GE General Electric AC364RG bus plug. That was it. His name was Pat and that’s all he wanted and he wasn’t interested in any technical questions. After some conversation about many images available in GE catalogues and lots of images on the internet, Pat was getting a bit impatient. Polite but impatient. After a couple more quick questions, a number of things became suddenly clear. First, Pat was not Mr. Pat, but Ms. Pat, with a raspy voice. Pat’s job was simply to get a GE General Electric AC364RG fast. Availability, price, and images that was all she needed. Simply procurement and she seemed pretty good at it. But she was instructed to get pictures specifically of the inside of the bus plug and the back side of the bus plug. Could we get her the pictures or not? Our answer was yes. Her response was ‘Thank you.’ Done.  Purchasing agents frequently operate at hyper speed and have little time for conversation. She got the price, availability, and images she wanted. We got the order and a surprise by how fast it happened.