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Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers


This is our inventory of Circuit Breakers in stock and ready for immediate shipment. For a detailed view, choose one of the options below.

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Circuit Breaker
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Circuit Breakers Frequently-Asked Questions

Click on question marks below to get answers to these frequently-asked questions.

What are Molded Case Circuit Breakers? I hear terms like Air Circuit Breaker, Power Circuit Breaker, Insulated Case Breaker, Molded Case Breaker? What's so special about Molded Case Breakers?

Do Molded Case Circuit Breakers provide the same protection as other breakers?

What is the actual purpose of a circuit breaker?

Are there any other important technical points one should know about circuit breakers?

Give me a reason to use circuit breakers instead of fuses.

What is the basic definition of an electric circuit breaker?

Help! We have circuit breakers everywhere in our plant. We perform little or no maintenance of our electrical equipment and circuit breakers. What would you recommend as the single most important and least expensive maintenance service on our circuit breakers? We have 2000 amp main circuit breakers; 400 amp feeder circuit breakers; I-Line circuit breakers; Mostly three pole 480 volt circuit breakers.

Can you recondition molded case circuit breakers after they have been rained on or even submerged in water? We were told you could not even take the cover off a molded case circuit breaker.

I was told by an electrician that not all circuit breakers are the same. In other words not all breakers with the same rating provide the same protection. I don’t get it. I am not an electrical person, so can someone explain this so I can understand it?

What about the different Voltage and Current ratings written on the side of circuit breakers?

Can the plastic Circuit Breakers be reconditioned?

I have heard that Molded Case Circuit Breakers are not always trouble free. What can I do since that is what is in our new ‘fuse box’?

I bought a used circuit breaker from an auction site. It was ‘as it.’ I have no idea of the condition. Don’t all resellers have to check their stuff out and guaranty it?

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