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RCM - Reliability Centered Maintenance Saves You Money!


The foundation for the Unlimited RCM Electrical Maintenance Program is a concept call "Reliability Centered Maintenance" (RCM). Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) was developed by the Military to increase reliability while reducing the cost of unnecessary maintenance. RCM is now also used by Airlines and Electric Utilities, again to increase reliability while reducing the cost of needless and sometimes regressive maintenance services. RCM is an intelligent logical decision making process to develop effective and efficient maintenance based on the recognition that maintenance requirements of equipment and systems are determined by their "function" within the power distribution system and on the "consequences of failure," not by traditional standardized maintenance specifications. RCM is a serious and continuous decision-making process in which the relationship between reliability and scheduled maintenance is monitored and evaluated to optimize the existing RCM program. The RCM Methodology is fundamentally opposite standardized maintenance packages that use generic specifications and rigid schedules.

Because Reliability Centered Maintenance lacks the structure of typical standardized or specification designed maintenance programs, it is very difficult to administer the program using conventional maintenance contracts. Therefore MIDWEST developed its unique "Unlimited RCM Electrical Maintenance Program."


MIDWEST’s "Unlimited RCM Electrical Maintenance Program" provides the services described in the program on an "unlimited" basis in consideration for a fixed monthly fee. The agreement allows MIDWEST’s Field Service Technicians and Engineers to provide all the services needed and it allows the Customer to request service as their schedule permits. Neither MIDWEST’s Field Technicians or the Customer is restricted in the services to be performed.

MIDWEST is pleased to offer our Unlimited Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Program. The Electrical Maintenance Program combines MIDWEST's Engineered Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Practices and MIDWEST's Unlimited Services Program. The field services follow the guidelines of RCM, NETA, OSHA, NFPA 70B and NFPA 70E. The following services and specification guidelines summarize the program.

1.0 Unlimited RCM Inspection: Midwest would perform continuous "Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Inspections" of your entire main electrical power distribution system. The equipment is inspected for any indications of deficiency by a Technician trained and experienced in the proper operation of electrical switchgear. A checklist is used as a record and guide for the service and periodic reports. The high voltage switchgear is Ultrasonic Scanning. Primary and secondary switchgear is Infrared Scanned. This unique service has proven to be extremely valuable in preventing unscheduled outages and expensive equipment failures. When deficiencies are found, they are repaired when practical during the RCM Service, at no additional cost. If repairs can not be made during the inspection, they are monitored with follow-up inspections until repairs can be completed.
2.0 Unlimited Annual or Periodic Maintenance: During annual or periodically scheduled electrical outages, the main electrical distribution system is serviced per the maintenance schedule. The services performed are determined by the type of equipment, failure modes, failure probabilities, and consequences of failure.
2.1 All switchgear is exercised and inspected for proper operation.
2.2 Critical equipment is function tested and given a focused inspection.
2.3 Equipment requiring frequent maintenance is maintained as required.
2.4 Switchgear and systems are "Inspected, Tested, and Maintained" per their maintenance history such that all equipment & systems are inspected, tested and maintained within their maintenance cycle. Typical maintenance cycles are 3 to 5 years.
3.0 Unlimited Infrared Scanning of your electrical power distribution system: This includes the annual formal Infrared Scan and continuous RCM scans, plus any follow up scans of "repairs" or scans of "suspected problems" for the remainder of the calendar year.
4.0 Unlimited Ultrasonic Scanning of your "High Voltage" power distribution switchgear and transformers: This includes the annual formal Ultrasonic Scan and continuous RCM scans to locate defects such as destructive corona, tracking, arcing or high voltage discharges. Plus, it includes any follow up scans or scans of suspected problems for the remainder of the calendar year.
5.0 Unlimited Access to your Maintenance History: MIDWEST will provide 24 hour – 365 days-a-year secure access to the Maintenance History of your electrical equipment and switchgear. We will place the Maintenance History of your equipment on our Web Server. With a "User Name" and private "Password," you would have the ability to access your equipment "Maintenance History" at anytime, from anywhere there is a computer connected to the Internet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A one line drawing of your facility is placed into AutoCad. AutoCad layers are used to document the maintenance services and schedule; to document equipment data; to document load and power quality data; and to document important power distribution system information. All this information is available 24 hours a day over the Internet from MIDWEST's Web Server.
6.0 Unlimited Access to Engineering Services: Our regular customers have unlimited access to our staff of Electrical Engineers and Technicians, just a phone call away, ready to assist and answer any of your questions concerning your electrical power distribution system, day or night, 24 hours a day. We are your own personal Power Consultant.
7.0 Unlimited Emergency Equipment: Our regular customers have 24 hour - 365 days-a-year priority access to our huge inventory of emergency transformers, breakers, and switchgear. This is an extremely unique resource. MIDWEST has 50,000 sq. ft. of emergency electrical equipment inventory in stock, plus parts, components, temporary cables, lugs, starters, high voltage and low voltage switches etc.
8.0 MIDWEST follows an Engineered approach to electrical power maintenance services. We follow the guidelines of NETA and NFPA. Our Engineers add and remove specific details as dictated by the customer’s equipment and needs. The future maintenance of the equipment is determined by the present condition of the equipment, the environment and needs of the customer. We may perform additional system tests as opposed to a discrete electrical test procedure. Following are several examples, that might be important to your specific system, that reveal the scope of RCM:
8.1 During ground fault tests it is important to test the system function and not just the Ground Fault relay. Where possible it is important to test the system for the presence of even low level ground faults.
8.2 Clean and check the high voltage cable terminations when maintaining the high voltage switches. Check for tracking or corona damage. Most high voltage cable defects are in the terminations.
8.3 Perform a focused inspection of the high voltage windings and the blocking of the power transformers. Check the cable terminations and tap connections and terminations.
8.4 Even though it may take a special request from the utility, it is very important to periodically maintain and inspect the "metering section" of the high voltage lineup.
8.5 Eliminate the transformer Turns Ratio Test as a routine maintenance test. It is a good Acceptance Test on a new transformer, but has no practical value as a maintenance test on existing transformers. Replace it with the Winding Resistance Test which does have value.
8.6 Cost: UNLIMITED RCM ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE PROGRAM would be performed in consideration for a simple monthly fee. MIDWEST's Unlimited RCM Program is approximately 35% less costly than the typical maintenance programs being provided today. And RCM is far more reliable.
9.1 Program fees do not include sales or use tax or Utility fees if applicable. MIDWEST’s Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
9.2 Program fees include the cost of premium time services (i.e. evening, Saturday or Sunday), but do not include service on a holiday or a holiday 2 to 4 day weekend. The cost adder for holiday or holiday weekend service would be 50%.
9.3 Program fees do not include the cost of parts or labor for other than minor repair items.
9.4 Program fees do not include services performed by Electrical Contractors or Electrical Consultants; or modernization or modification projects; or work on non electrical equipment.
9.5 MIDWEST invoices "Unlimited RCM Maintenance Programs" on a single partial prepayment plus monthly invoices for the remainder.
10.0 Unlimited Services: Services listed as "Unlimited" are provided at no additional cost as defined above.
11.0 RCM service Schedule: Services listed as "Unlimited" are provided at no additional cost as defined above.
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