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Rubber Insulating Blankets on Pole Our blankets offer excellent personal protection in case of accidental contact with line hardware. Each blanket is manufactured to high quality standards, is fully tested, and subjected to a series of thorough inspections to assure material purity, consistency and flexibility. They are available in black natural rubber (Type-I) for use where ozone concentrations are low. They are also available in orange or black synthetic EPDM rubber (Type-II) for use on high voltage distribution circuits. EPDM rubber has excellent corona resistance as well as aging and weathering characteristics.

Slotted and Solid Insulating Blankets

Catalog Number Size Class Color Style Price
300E 36" x 36" 2 Black Solid - 6 Eyelets $168.00
1100 36" x 36" 2 Black Slotted with Eyelets $165.90
900E-2 36" x 36" 4 Orange Solid - 6 Eyelets $211.05
1300-2 36" x 36" 4 Orange Slotted with Eyelets $194.25
12 22" x 22" 2 Black Solid - 28 Eyelets $111.30
13 22" x 22" 4 Orange Solid - 28 Eyelets $124.95
14 22" x 22" 2 Black Slotted with Eyelets $121.80

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We test insulating blankets. The Industry Standards recommend retesting every year. Call for testing prices.


Insulating Roll Blankets, made from a high strength fabric reinforced Type II rubber, allow workers to custom-cut the blanket to fit each application at the job site. Meets ASTM F2320 standards.

Also available is a Class I (7,500v) Clear PVC material that permits complete visibility, yet provides the necessary insulating properties meeting ASTM F1742 standards.

All classes are easy to cut, and flexible to -40°F/C. Highly puncture and tear resistant, each class of blanket is also flame (self-extinguishing), oil, and ozone resistant.

Insulating Roll Blankets
Catalog Number Class Max. Use Size Color Price
RLB0 0 1kV 36" x 30 Foot Roll Yellow $740.57
RLB1 1 7.5kV 36" x 30 Foot Roll Yellow/Orange $931.98
RLBPVC1 1 7.5kV 36" x 30 Foot Roll Clear $559.65

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Insulating Roll Blanket Accessories
Catalog Number Size Description Price
20 8 1/2" Wood Blanket Pin w/ Rubber Tips $14.98
21 9 1/2" Nylon w/ Rubber Tips (fits shot gun stick) $18.74
HS-21 9 1/2" Nylon with Rubber Tips and Hot Stick Rings $24.47
TY-14 14" (1.5" wide x 14" long) Tie Strap $44.57
TY-30 30" (1.5" wide x 30" long) Tie Strap $48.30

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