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Arc Resistant Rainwear

ArcLite 1000 Yellow

ArcLite 1000 Int'l Orange

ArcLite 1500 Fluorescent
Lime Yellow

ArcLite 1500 Fluorescent

Sentinel 4500 Fluorescent
Lime Yellow

Sentinel 4500 Fluorescent
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I am a veteran electrician. I have 35 years in a foundry. Arc Flash Hazard, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, PC, PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, NFPA 70E, Hazard Risk Category Classifications… I hear all this stuff. They’re telling me I have to wear flame resistant clothing, something about cal/cm2, and get electrical arc flash safety training. Would somebody just tell me what this is about… I don’t want an engineering lecture. I just want to know why, after 35 years, this arc flash hazard stuff is suddenly so important.

How is the Cal Rating on Arc Flash Clothing determined?

Should I buy Class 3 gloves to go with my Hazard Risk Category 3 clothing?

About arc flash PPE, when we wear the right personal protective equipment how safe really are we?

I bought one of your darn 40 Cal Heavier Apparel Arc Flash Hazard Risk Category 4 kits with fan, bag, light, the whole deal. That’s a mouthful. Great advice on the fan and light. Use both all the time. You guys sound like arc flash hazard and PPE experts so just give me one thing I can do to make my job safer. Don’t want a ‘just don’t do it lecture’ or a lot of bs. I work in the real world and would like someone to tell me something that makes sense in my world not your office. Much obliged. Max

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