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Salisbury sleeves feature a reinforcing fold at the cuff. This fold is preferred over a rolled bead because it adds less bulk to the cuff and fits into the glove easier without pushing. Sleeves meet the current requirements of ASTM D1051 and offer the same high level of quality and protection.

Salisbury Rubber Insulating Gloves

MOLDED SLEEVES: This method offers the ability to produce sleeves of natural rubber Type I or SALCOR Type II synthetic rubber. SALCOR provides the same high quality and electrical protection as natural rubber with the added benefit of being resistant to ozone and ultraviolet radiation. Molded sleeves are available in a "Curved Arm" style only.

DIPPED SLEEVES: Typically offers more flexibility. Stocked in extra-curve style.

Catalog Number Class Style Size Color Price Per Pair
2-R-Y 2 Molded Regular (26.5") Yellow $321.28
2-L-Y 2 Molded Large (28") Yellow $348.55
2-XL-Y 2 Molded X-Large (29.5") Yellow $399.95
3-R-Y 3 Molded Regular (26.5") Yellow $455.43
3-L-Y 3 Molded Large (28") Yellow $509.48
3-XL-Y 3 Molded X-Large (29.5") Yellow $545.44
D2-R-Y-EC 2 Dipped Regular (26.5") Yellow $533.95
D2-L-Y-EC 2 Dipped Large (28") Yellow $572.95
D2-XL-Y-EC 2 Dipped X-Large (29.5") Yellow $616.50
D3-R-RY-EC 3 Dipped Regular (26.5") Red/Yellow $609.32
D3-L-RY-EC 3 Dipped Large (28") Red/Yellow $664.50
D3-XL-RY-EC 3 Dipped X-Large (29.5") Red/Yellow $722.33
Order buttons, harnesses and straps separately. See below.

Click on the Catalog Number to order.

We test Rubber Sleeves. The Industry Standards recommend retesting every year. Call for testing prices.


Sleeve buttons, straps, and harnesses are required to wear rubber insulating sleeves properly. One harness, two straps and four buttons are required per pair of sleeves.

Salisbury Rubber Sleeve Accessories

Catalog Number Description Price
H-1 Harness with B-2 Buttons (includes 4 B-2 buttons) $28.27
S-1 2 Straps with 4 B-2 Buttons $30.21
B-22 Set of 4 per package $9.23

Click on the Catalog Number to order.

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